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Are multi-level marketing companies really all they are cracked up to be? That is a question many people ask, in fact there are many individuals who think all the multi-level marketing companies are scams, leaving those on the lower rungs out to dry while the few at the top of the pyramid made all the income. Well, this is partially true, but not entirely. Those at the top of the pyramid do make the most income but that is because they have begun at the bottom rung and climbed the ladder through the years. While it is a gamble when you sign up with a multi-level marketing company it is a gamble that you can win for certain, especially if you follow a few key pieces of advice. You might have heard of the eBook “The Case For (and Against) Multi-Level Marketing” written by Jon M. Taylor. In this eBook Taylor has over 400 various studies on MLM companies. For example, in Taylor’s research he has found that in the first year of operation 50% of new consultants would drop out, after 5 years that number jumped to 90% left the company, so you can see where individuals get the idea that all multi-level marketing companies are a scam, if only 10% of those who sign on to a company make it past five years it is an easily justifiable title. What about those 10% that do stay with the company though? They are the ones who are in the top of their businesses, team leaders, national leaders those who are recognized among the company, and those that the new recruits look up to and strive to be like. While this all seems negative and against multi-level marketing companies that is not the case, I am all for multi-level marketing companies but I am against the way people try to “sell” the company. Most people will tell you all the good, how they make thousands of dollars a month, they have 30 people in their downline, they get free company cars, they have paid vacations to Hawaii, but what they will not tell you is how much time, effort, dedication and work they had to put into their business to get where they are today. Just because you sign on to a company that is already established doesn’t mean you have to work less, it just means you don’t have all that initial investment cost. You simply have the startup already taken care of for you, which leaves you ready to build on the business you are starting, so please do not think that joining a multi-level company means you won’t have to work hard or that it is simply a scam, they are there to work for you if you work for them!

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